Products Terms & Conditions / Fees ‡


There are two sets of terms and conditions associated with our Canadian Tire deposit products.

1. The " Terms and Conditions for Deposit Products" apply to all of our deposit products including:

  • the Canadian Tire High Interest Savings® account,
  • the Canadian Tire Guaranteed Investment® Certificate, and
  • the Canadian Tire Tax Free Savings® account (TFSA)


2. The "Canadian Tire Bank Tax Free Savings Account Arrangement" section applies only to the TFSA.

These documents contain important details that you need to know prior to opening a new product with us. Please take time to review them carefully. When opening an account with Canadian Tire Bank, you will be asked to agree and accept the Terms and Conditions for Deposit Products and, if the account is a TFSA, the Canadian Tire Bank Tax Free Savings Account Arrangement .

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‡Pertains only to retail banking products provided by Canadian Tire Bank.