Here are a few of our featured products and current annual interest rates.  Follow the links below to see more rates.

High Interest Savings* Annual Rates
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High Interest Savings 1.50%
GICs** (Rates effective 2015-02-27) Annual Rates
Limited Time Offer: For GIC investments of $20,000 and above, we currently provide an additional 0.25% on top of the posted rate for all GIC terms. Click here for more rates.
1 Year 1.00%
2 Year 1.15%
Tax Free Savings (Rates effective 2015-02-27) Annual Rates
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Tax Free High Interest Savings* 1.60%
1 Year Tax Free GIC** 1.25%
2 Year Tax Free GIC** 1.40%
3 Year Tax Free GIC** 1.50%
4 Year Tax Free GIC** 1.65%
5 Year Tax Free GIC** 2.06%

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